Creative Shift Circle Membership

An online transformative circle for creative womxn

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Becoming an artist can be an isolating experience. It certainly has been for me. Although I’ve heard the call to become an artist, I didn’t know where to start and the internet was my only artist friend. I knew I needed to find a tribe of other female artists to share my experience with and learn from. When the Creative Shift Circle magically came along, there was no question that I needed to be a part of it and it has exceeded my expectations. This is a community of the most supportive artists and creatives, who are all on their own wild journey and yet, their journeys are so relateable. The Circle has provided new angles in which to look at my artistic process and my creative goals. Benz has provided an immense amount of inner questioning and inspiration that I would not have found myself. Most of all, the Circle has given me the understanding and confirmation that artists in fact need a community to support them, hold them accountable, and reflect back to them the significance and meaning of their work in society.
— Sucheta Misra, founding member of Creative Shift Circle

What is Creative Shift Circle?

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We go together!

Together we will cultivate a non-judgmental and supportive community. There will be no lonely artists in our circle.

Apart from our live calls where all of our members get together, we also offer small group meetings where members can meet with the same group regularly with meeting guidelines provided by the circle.

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We are all equally artists!

All artists in our circles will be treated equally regardless of their experience level. The core belief of our circle is that we are all teachers and we are all students.

Members will be provided with a resource list to get them started, but they are also encouraged to share their skills and resources with other members.

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We keep track of each other!

We will be creating together and holding each other accountable with our weekly Facebook group check-ins and monthly live calls.

Every week there will be different creative prompts to encourage our members to create.

Members can also choose to join the accountability buddy program provided in the circle.

I’ve really appreciated the time and work Benz has put into organising the creative shift circle - she is leading a group that is big on vulnerability and supporting each other through all the struggles of the creative process”
— Inge Flinte, founding member of the Creative Shift Circle

How does it work?

The Creative Shift Circle accepts new members 3 times a year.

Our members-only portal and content will be available in September.

Starting September 1, members of the circle will be able to access our members-only portal, which contains a resource list for artists, a member directory, our meeting schedules and recordings, and a few more surprises.

Members of the Creative Shift Circle meet online every other week (or more often if they choose to) to exchange ideas and talk about a variety of art related topics.

All of our meetings are done online via Zoom and our private Facebook group.

What is included in the Creative Shift Circle membership?

  • Access to our members-only artist resource section, which includes a welcome packet, online art classes, art supplies list, and more.

  • 2 LIVE group calls per month via Zoom (recordings will be available for members who cannot attend live). Each live call has a specific topic and theme to help propel your growth as an artist as well as to nourish your inner artist.

  • (optional) Small group calls among circle members. Members can request to be grouped together in small groups and our team will assist you with guidelines for each group meeting.

  • A private Facebook group exclusively for circle members

I’m so happy I joined the Creative Shift Circle this summer. I was introduced to inspiring, remarkable women- all passionate, curious and open to each others hopes and goals with supportive, unique perspectives and fresh advice. Benz facilitates this group with infectious love, care and honesty. After each call I feel energized and ready to dive into the studio!
— Poppy Dodge, founding member of The Creative Shift Circle