About Me

I am a Thai contemporary painter currently based in Chicago. I am self taught and started painting at age 34.  I did not grow up making art. Books were my refuge. I spent most of my free time in my childhood reading and writing. I wanted to be a writer, but somehow I went to a business school and even got a Master's in Marketing. I was lost for a long time. Along the way, I have always had the desire to create. I've tried taking drawing, painting, ceramics, printmaking classes, but nothing has stuck. I've always got hung up on the techniques and then I gave up.

It wasn't until I had my children that I learned a truly liberating way of art making. The way my boys draw and paint amazes me. It’s so fun, so fearless, so real, so raw, so carefree. I wanted to paint like that, so I started exploring and experimenting with process-based art and haven't stopped since.


My process honors the rawness, innocence, courage, joy, and spontaneity that I found in my children’s art-making process . My paintings are simply my spontaneous and unfiltered responses to my creative urges. My process is straightforward. I don't plan ahead on how I want my paintings to look. I follow my impulses, choose colors and make marks that feel right to me at the time.

My art is open-ended and inviting. My highest hope is to inspire other reluctant painters (or artists, or anyone) to try their hands at art without being too hard on themselves.